Signs of cheating boyfriend – What to look for

The signs of cheating boyfriend are different in every case. Some are very subtle signs that you might already be seeing but not really noticing. And in some cases, the signs are very clear to everyone but you. That’s because some signs of cheating boyfriend are what is called “hidden in plain sight.”

Does your boyfriend get lots of cell phone calls that he steps into another room to take? You might not think this is one of the signs of cheating boyfriend, so you might have never paid much attention before. This is one of those “in plain sight” signs.

A boyfriend who gets lots of phone calls isn’t necessarily a cheating boyfriend. Maybe he just feels it’s rude to have a cell phone conversation in front of other people. Find out if he leaves the room when you call him, or if he talks to you no matter who’s around without taking it in private, if you can.

Leaving the room in itself isn’t always a sign. But notice if he’s secretive about the conversation. Does he tell you who it was sometimes? If you ask who called does he tell you without hesitation or does he get defensive? How he handles questions can be one of the signs of cheating boyfriend.

When he’s out without you, does he ever mention what he did? Is he all right with you asking (politely, not with an accusing tone) of who he might have been with and what they did? Most people who get defensive about these kinds of questions fall into three groups.

• They’re defensive because they have something to hide.

• They’re defensive because they don’t like to be asked as if they were doing something wrong.

• They don’t like being asked AND they have something to hide.

If you’re asking nicely and not drilling him, he shouldn’t have any problem answering your questions unless he has something to hide. He should actually want to answer you to put your mind at ease that nothing has gone on.

Some cheating signs are even more subtle. Does he try to keep you far away from his friends? Some guys manage that by having their time with their buddies and their time from you as separate. And often it’s played up to be for you, so you can spend time with him alone.

But if he really makes an effort to keep you away from his friends, you have to wonder why. If he’s cheating, he’s probably not worried about his friends spilling the beans. They’re his friends, after all, and would have no reason to tell you what he’s doing.

But he might be worried that if they act strangely around you because of that, you might pick up on it. Insider remarks and jokes that they think you won’t get could be something to tell you something’s wrong here.

Whether or not he takes you around his friends in that case could be one of the signs of cheating boyfriend.