Taboos Explored Older Women Dating Younger Men

Not so long ago, the subject of older women dating younger men may have been thought of as unusual or even unacceptable. There was clearly a double standard at work in society. As an older man dating a young woman (sometimes much younger) has long been not only socially acceptable but even the object of praise.

Older men sporting a younger date were often seen as extremely virile and romantically vital. The younger woman on their arms considered proof to the world that these fellows still possessed the qualities necessary to attract a young female. While older men had the benefit of social acceptance of a relationship with a women many years their junior, only recently have women begun to receive and enjoy the same level of acceptance.

Before society became as accepting of intimate relationships involving an older woman and a younger man, women involved in such relationships were often subjected to unnecessarily harsh opinion. Onlookers seeing a young man and an older woman together may have whispered among themselves or described such women in unflattering terms. Ladies such as this were often described as “robbing the cradle” or seen as dating a man “young enough to be her son”.

Unfortunately, for years this terribly negative stereotype prevented older women dating younger men from experiencing a full, open, and fulfilling relationship. Simply because of fears of how a harsh society would view their choice of partner. Older women dating younger men were, at times, even ashamed.

These days things are beginning to change for the better. Now it seems that our popular culture is presenting more and more positive images of women who choose to develop a relationship with a younger male. Portrayals of relationships involving older women dating younger men, once considered odd or creepy, have been now turned on their heads and acceptance of them has grown dramatically.

Television and movies are now portraying such relationships in a positive light, allowing older women some of the same levels of acceptance and praise that were once reserved solely for the distinguished older gentleman and his sexy young partner. No longer does society attach such a negative connotation to relationships involving a young man and a more senior woman, and older women no longer need to fear how their dating choices will be perceived.

Today, older women have developed a much stronger and positive self-image which helps them to attract a younger partner. Older women are now perceived as smart, sexy, and capable of maintaining a positive and healthy dating relationship with a younger man without suffering the same negative opinion that was prevalent just a few short years ago. Thanks largely to more positive images in popular culture, those old whispers and negative comments have begun to disappear.

Our society has now started to more widely accept the fact that older women possess many wonderful qualities that make them fascinating to a younger man. Older women can now begin to openly enjoy their relationships with males much younger than themselves, since older women dating younger men is no longer thought of in such a negative light.